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Data Science with Python Course

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  • Overview

    This Data Science with Python certification course provides you an understanding of Data Analysis, Data Wrangling, Data Exploration, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Python programming, Web scraping, and Natural Language Processing concepts. You will gain hands-on exposure to performing high-level mathematical computations and Data Analysis and Manipulation using data structures and tools.


    Key Learning Outcomes


    • Understand the essential concepts of Python programming such as datatypes, tuples, lists, dicts, basic operators, and functions 
    • Perform high-level mathematical computations using the NumPy and SciPy packages and their large library of mathematical functions 
    • Perform data analysis and manipulation using data structures and tools provided in the Pandas package 
    • Gain an in-depth understanding of supervised learning and unsupervised learning models such as linear regression, logistic regression, clustering, dimensionality reduction, K-NN, and pipeline 
    • Use the Scikit-Learn package for natural language processing and matplotlib library of Python for data visualization

    Course Outline

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    Skills Covered

    • Data analysis
    • Data wrangling
    • Data exploration
    • Data visualization
    • Mathematical computing
    • Web scraping
    • Hypothesis building
    • Python programming 
    • NumPy and SciPy package
    • Natural language processing (NLP)


    Tools Covered

    Python (JupyterLab)

    Key Features

    Course Highlights

    • 68 hours of blended learning
    • 4 industry-based projects
    • Interactive learning with Jupyter notebooks labs
    • Lifetime access to self-paced learning
    • Dedicated mentoring session from faculty of industry experts
    • Simpliearn's Integrated lab platform
    • Over 42,818 learners for this content
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    Who can Attend

    Audience Profile

    This Data Science with Python certification course is well-suited for:

    • Software Developer
    • IT professionals 
    • Aspiring Data Scientists
    • Learners having familiarity with Python programming & basic statistics and mathematics


    There are no prerequisites for taking the Data Science with Python certification course, but it is recommended that you begin with the courses - Python for Data Science, Math Refresher, Data Science in Real Life, and Statistics Essentials for Data Science offered as free companions with this course.

    System Requirements

    To run Python, your system should have these basic requirements:

    • 32 or 64-bit Operating System
    • 1GB RAM

    Instructions are in Anaconda and Jupyter notebooks. The course will help you with instructions on how to install them.

    Course Trainers

    Our Trainers

    We work with a pool of well-qualified and experienced trainers and facilitators. The trainer profile listed here is only one such example. 

    Once you are on our learning platform, you can choose to learn with multiple trainers of your choice. 

    Trainer Profile


    Course Completion Certification Criteria

    An industry recognized course completion certificate will be issued by Simplilearn upon satisfying the following criteria. The certificate does not expire:


    Virtual Classroom:

    • Attend one complete batch of Data Science with Python training
    • Submit at least one completed project


    Online Self-Learning:

    • Complete 85% of the course.
    • Submit at least one completed project

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    Data Science with Python Course

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